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the Speed of Sound

We help healthcare leaders harness the power of voice AI & natural language technology to drive efficiency & improve care quality.

We are working on a new product, streamlining hospital operations. Stay tuned for more.

The promise of a voice-enabled workforce

The same dynamics that make voice work for consumers unlock huge potential for employees


Voice input is 3x faster
 than typing


Hands-free interaction keeps the focus on the task at hand


Every device & app can be voice-enabled


Removing friction from processes


of executives 
see value in voice for operational efficiency



of employees do repetitive tasks that could easily be automated



of employee interactions with apps will be via voice by 2023


Conversational AI to fit the needs of the deskless worker

On Nasdaq, RAIN CEO Nithya Thadani discussed how RAIN is bringing voice to workers in industries like manufacturing & healthcare. Despite being 80% of the workforce, this group is underserved by tech. Watch the video >

February 26, 2021

RAIN’s Nithya Thadani on building the next generation of deskless workforce productivity tools

In this interview, RAIN CEO Nithya Thadani discusses building voice assistant productivity tools that are purpose-built to make deskless workers smarter, more efficient, and safer through assistive AI. Read Full Article >

January 22, 2021

The Sleeping Giant:
Voice in the Enterprise

In this article, RAIN's Eric Turkington & Will Hall propose the key steps business leaders should be taking right now in order to make voice a competitive advantage for their business and its operations. Read Full Article >

September 23, 2019

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