RAIN is a
Pioneer in Voice & 
Conversational AI.

RAIN is a
Pioneer in Voice & Conversational AI.

We help people, brands and businesses do amazing things with voice technology.

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We've worked with 23 Fortune 100 companies.

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We meet you exactly where you are in your journey with voice. Our solutions are modeled through the most natural mode of interaction — conversation.


We partner with our clients to establish the leading business drivers to align with a conversation-integrated omnichannel experience.

What does voice mean for your business, and what should you do about it? Run. Don’t Walk.


We lead the execution of voice or chat-integrated pilots around known drivers to test conversation efficacy in the ecosystem.

From skills to actions and native integrations, we do it all. Soup to nuts.


We design, develop, deploy, and support the implementation of virtual assistants on mainstream platforms and owned technology products (on-site or in app chatbots, or assistants, etc.).

We solve problems through the lens of assistance.

Owned Product Development

We build custom voice-integrated solutions as additive components to brand-owned solutions. They are informed by pilot or strategy outcomes, cost-benefit analysis and gap assessments of the existing digital toolkit.

We develop standard-setting solutions.

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"From the first day we kicked off, I have never doubted we picked the right partner."

Max Kramer
Brand Marketing Digital Innovation Manager, Nike

"RAIN created the first CPG skill on Alexa with little direction from Amazon and no industry standards to follow. They established a process and guidelines that we now share as industry best practices."

Michael Francisco
Former Head of Alexa Skills Kit Partners, Amazon

"In terms of conversational experts, I would only hire RAIN. They are the best partners I’ve worked with and are ahead of everyone else in the space."

Leigh Anne Dunkin
Former Dir. of Emerging Technologies, Starbucks

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