Voice’s In-Car Horsepower

Last week, Voicebot AI and Cerence released a new report on in-car voice assistant usage which revealed encouraging data on U.S. consumers’ use of assistants inside their automobiles. For starters, the report claims that there are now more in-car voice assistant users than there are smart speaker owners. Additionally, the report outlines a variety of use cases consumers engage assistants for in the vehicle such as facilitating calls and messages, asking questions or retrieving local information, controlling vehicle features, and syncing with smart home devices from afar. Underscoring this rise in usage, Cerence has introduced a new product allowing “automakers to provide multiple, simultaneously available voice assistants within a car.“ This will enable drivers to interface between a variety of assistants as needed based on what they are able to control and which assistant is best suited for fulfilling any given task.

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Voice On The Road 

A new report by Voicebot AI and Cerence found that over half of U.S. adults have tried using a voice assistant while driving and that there are 130 million in-car voice assistant users in the U.S. currently. Additionally, the survey found that approximately 64% of in-car assistant users engage with the technology at least monthly. More broadly, the report makes the case that as consumers become more comfortable using a voice assistant in their car that usage behavior will increase in other contexts like the home or work. More on Voicebot.

KidKraft Spycraft? 

Children’s toy company KidKraft has announced a new “child’s Kitchen and Market set” that will include an Alexa device, priced at $300. The toy set is intended for kids ages 3+ and will require parental permission for use. As for Alexa interactions and recording concerns, according to Gizmodo “Amazon said the mic is off and audio isn’t being collected unless one of the RFID sensors on the set is triggered and a prompt follows, such as if a child scans an item in the market and Alexa asks whether they should add another ingredient.” Despite the high price point and lingering concerns over Amazon’s treatment of child data, the market for child-focused voice assistant experiences continues to expand. More on Gizmodo.

Mother’s Little Voice Assistant Helper 

JinLingGuan (JLG), a baby formula brand in China, partnered with Xiaomi to create a smart speaker app to provide assistance and support to new parents. The smart speaker experience included over 1,200 baby and new mom related questions from nutrition advice to sleep help and more. The voice campaign was highly successful with The Drum reporting 55 million user sessions and over $2.2MM USD in revenue being driven through the voice application. More on The Drum (n.b. paywall).

Stats Don’t Lie

44% – shoppers who indicated that they are somewhat or very likely to use voice services in their shopping journey in the next three years. (data via Amazon Pay Survey)

146.9 MM – global smart speaker unit sales in 2019. (data via Strategy Analytics)

Chart of the Week

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