Kim Conti

Vice President of Product

Kim Conti is Vice President of Product at RAIN, where she sets and implements the company’s product vision, building voice-first, hands-free solutions for the deskless workforce. She leads all aspects of the product across strategy, execution, customer research, technical execution, and experience design. 

Prior to her current role, Kim spent 15 years working at Fortune 100 companies (B2B & B2C) in verticals spanning insurance, healthcare, education, utilities, banking, and retail. The products and business initiatives she launched resulted in measurable cost reductions, increased productivity, improved CSAT scores, and improved adoption/utilization. Throughout her career she has been focused on advocating for the customer, challenging the status quo, and leading high-performing teams.

Kim lives in Connecticut with her husband and three small children. She's a past marathon runner, Crossfit coach, and exercise enthusiast. She enjoys everything from home decor & DIY to reading to being a lifelong learner in the areas of cultural, social and behavioral trends.

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