Ryan Hollander

Senior Solutions Architect

Ryan Hollander is a Senior Solution Architect at RAIN, leading the product development team in building innovative multi-modal, voice-first applications for the deskless workforce.

Ryan has spent the last 20+ years developing and integrating voice interfaces, chatbots, web applications, knowledge bases, and natural language search applications for global contact centers and world-class customer service teams at  Fortune 500 companies including: Seagate Software, VERITAS, HP, Oracle, Disney, HSBC, State Farm, BMW, GM, Capital One, and PayPal. In this time, Ryan has earned expertise in solutioning, architecting, developing, deploying, delivering and managing sophisticated applications aimed at global audiences working at scale. Ryan began his career in technical support contact centers, and has served successfully as a Project Manager, Solutions Architect, and Technical Leader throughout. 

As an early adopter of Alexa, Ryan was invited by Amazon to serve as a Certified Subject Matter Expert to develop the first Amazon Alexa certification exam. Ryan is also a Certified Alexa Skill Builder and has written extensively about Amazon Alexa, Knowledge Management, and the rise of Voice agents and AI in modern life. As a founder of Voiced, Ryan developed the cloud-based systems and web front end for Front Office and the Ask Front Office Alexa Skill. 

Ryan is focused on delivering fast, secure, and delightful cloud-based and voice-focused solutions that improve interactions, communications, and productivity.

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