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Make It Rain

Liz, Dave, and Richard enjoying the rain.

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So, this is probably the first time we've launched a new Rain site less than three years after the previous site. We're only about a year out on our last one. Feels pretty good. More than that, the site itself feels good. The main framework takes great advantage of HTML 5, and pulls together Rain content from Facebook, Tumblr, and our blog into one happy, beautiful whole. See the Project >>

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You've heard the phase, "I feel like my head's going to explode." The sick minds of Rain dreamed about what something like that might actually look like, and we made that little dream come true with Skullcandy's Virtual Room. 

At its heart, this app is an incredibly effective example of branded utility—a way to virtually try on Skullcandy's Aviator headphones before you buy them. We added the exploding head option for an added, buzzworthy twist. That buzz worked better than anyone expected, causing 700% increase in traffic to the Aviator headphone page almost immediately upon launch of the app, lots of attention in the press and blogsphere, and a Gold Addy. More importantly, it resulted in a sales spike that was greater than the activity surrounding the initial launch of the Aviators a few weeks earlier.

Now that's sick. In a good way. And a bad way, if you count the exploding head. See More >>

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An opportunity to work with one of the great ones on this Open Mic singing game for Sony Music. Holla to the artist herself, the designers of the original album artwork that we were able to draw from, and the FWA community for selecting this one as Mobile App of the Day. The app also won five other industry awards, but we try not to make a big deal out of it. See More >>

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In preparation for an upcoming project (mum's the word) we've figured out how to use the Microsoft Kinect game console to perform simple motion capture. No tracking-ball-covered unitard required. Anyway, it was a fun exercise for us, and we can't wait to show what we end up doing with it. Stay tuned...

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