Rain Issue 10

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Happy Valentines Day. Call us for a good time!

Trying to impress your sweetheart this Valentines Day? Lose the gut, play some Beethoven and save your valentine from the flood of all floods, all with the help of just three simple apps. Yep, we aren’t exaggerating. Well, maybe a little... But anything is possible in the name of love. Cupid ain’t got nothing on Rain!

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Rain partnered with BBH Zag to create Playground Sessions, a software that allows users to learn popular songs, with arrangements for any talent level. Playground is now on its’ second release with some exciting updates. The biggest news in the Playground universe is that music legend Quincy Jones is now creating content for the application! We have also included a vast music store where users can purchase everything from tutorial videos to sheet music. The lessons have been updated as well with an option to use an auto piano play, so users can hear what the music sounds like as they’re learning. It's time to PLAY! See the Project >>


National Flood Services specializes in flood insurance policy servicing and processing, providing a full suite of policy processing solutions. NFS came to Rain to build a website that would illustrate the flood risks for specific areas in the United States and educate users on the necessity of flood insurance. Floodrisktool.com is an interactive experience, where a user can put in their address and instantly see their level of risk. There is also a tool in the site where users can choose the level of water in the house and see what the total damage would be if flood water were to reach the indicated level. Check out floodrisktool.com and be Flood Smart! See the Project >>


Rain has been working with iFit for the past couple of years developing cutting edge exercise equipment interfaces. In the spring of last year iFit decided they needed a cutting edge website to go with their shiny new cutting edge apps. Enter Rain. We created a site that would engage iFit’s current clients, and inform potential clients of the wealth of fitness and social media goodness offered through the iFit programs. Working out indoors has never been this fun! See the Project >>