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new You may have seen us on TV. FWAwebTV, that is. As you're perusing the fantastical content of this newsletter, you may wonder what kind of environment allows the creative and technical geniuses at Rain to flourish. Well, you can check us out live via webcam every Tuesday from 2 - 3 pm as part of the FWAwebTV project. So far we've put on a concert and showcased our sick foosball skills.

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Latest Work

The FWA has spoken

It's official! Rain's three mobile FWA wins over the past six months put us among the most FWA-awarded agencies in the industry. We're humbled to have won this prestigious award multiple times, and plan on winning many more in the future (fingers crossed, thinking caps on)! We're particularly proud of the diverse nature of the apps that won (for Hess Petroleum, Skullcandy, and Sony Music), each completely different from the others, but all three extremely effective fusions of beautiful design and technical ingenuity. See the projects >>

SHHH! The City Library has a new site

Communication Arts featured The City Library website as Webpick of the Week from June 10 to June 17, 2011. It was chosen based on "a combination of superior aesthetics, technical expertise, functionality and overall site experience." (commarts.com)

The City Library site was designed to move beyond the traditional library web presence, encouraging the exploration of new ideas, facilitating conversations between members of the community, enhancing the dialog via local engaging content, and inspiring through easy access to information and resources. Since the launch in early April, City Library administrators are enthusiastic about the activity they are seeing. The site is also catching the attention of other libraries, and is a bold step toward the future of librarianship.

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Recent Work

Flying High

Rain partnered with Grey Advertising to develop a game showcasing Hess Petroleum's 2010 holiday toy. The app received the FWA Mobile of the Day Award for April 19, 2011. Built for iPhone, iPad, and Facebook, the game allows users to fly the jet through three different terrains, engaging the consumer directly with the brand. It includes options to race your top time and post your scores on a global leader board. Fans can share the game with their contacts as well as play with their friends promoting peer-to-peer publicity for the Hess Express brand.

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See the FWA Writeup >>

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In The Works

Apple iAds

Recently, several Rain employees were invited to attend a development workshop at Apple in West Hollywood, CA. This course was shared with Rain to provide cutting-edge insight into the new iAd platform and tools from Apple. Through the iAd platform, companies can better target ads as well as provide a much more interactive advertising experience to their audience. Rain was also introduced to Apple's new official campaign building software called "iAd Producer," and spent time in hands-on training. Coupled with our award-winning design and development experience, media buying capabilities, and now iAd, Rain has the unique ability to deliver top-to-bottom mobile application services.

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