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Hook'd launched last week and we couldn't be more proud! A social music experience concepted, developed and designed from the ground up by Rain in collaboration with MuseAmi, Hook'd is now available in the App Store. Download the app today and drop your first Hook!

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Walmart Redline

The New York Times published "Corporate Daddy" last month, an article criticizing Walmart's business practices. With the help of Rain, Walmart fired back a rapid response the same day, which was reposted by Huffington Post, FOX News, MSNBC and Yahoo! boosting total impressions to over 25 million. We consider the immediacy and high visibility of this response a viral success! To read the red-line response click here >

Adobe - Legends of Douglas

To celebrate the seemingly unlimited power of Adobe Analytics, we launched a campaign under the associated hashtag #AnalyticsDidIt. We couldn't be more proud to continue our relationship with Adobe and look forward to pushing #AnalyticsDidIt even further! To see the hyperbolic reputation you can earn using Adobe Analytics, click the button below.

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