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Make It Rain

Catie, Jesus, and Bryant.

Devising Device Integration: The recent surge of mobile devices and apps, in conjunction with the emergence of sophisticated hardware and human interface devices, has presented an extraordinary opportunity for innovation. This edition highlights some of the groundbreaking projects that have built Rain's reputation as a clear leader in the merging of mobile devices and computers with hardware.

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Device Integration Projects/
Scrap-Happy with Provo CraftRead Rain's Device Integration White Paper>>


Our crafty developers leveraged their rich experience to design an Adobe AIR application that connected to Provo Craft's® personal electronic cutter. Rain developed a custom bridge toll to connect the app to the Cricut through USB. We also managed to import Provo Craft's library of shapes, letters, and proprietary content into existing layout-engine technology. With attention to the needs of Cricut® Craft Room™ users, Rain developers and designers collaborated to create a rich, pleasant experience. And with versions of the software for both the web and desktop computers, Rain has made high-tech scrap booking even simpler.

As of this writing, Cricut® Craft Room™ is being offered as a beta version to select customers. See the Project >>

Running Full Speed with Icon FitnessRead Rain's Device Integration White Paper>>

Honing the cutting edge of exercise equipment interfaces, Icon Fitness chose Rain to write software that would allow their customers to control a treadmill with an Android tablet. Rain's software boasts some exciting and innovative features. Racers can challenge each other to races using custom routes that integrate with Google Maps, and HD video. They can virtually run in the mountains of Hawaii, along the Boston Marathon route, or even through their own neighborhood. The on-board virtual map software is integrated with the incline function of the treadmill so that when the mapped route takes you uphill, the treadmill shifts in real time to match the incline of the route. Running indoors has never been this fun.

The iFit with Android units have already started shipping to select gym and retail locations.

New Horizons in Digital Piano LessonsRead Rain's Device Integration White Paper>>

Piano Marvel could be this generation's Gutenberg press; it takes a skill, once harbored by the privileged few, and makes it available to anyone — with no instructor required. The desktop–based software works with inexpensive, entry level digital pianos and across various operating systems. It showcases real–time feedback, sound, and on–screen visual effects as learners play the keyboard, while its game–like look–and–feel encourages users with trophies, badges, and other achievements to create a positive learning atmosphere. See the Project>>


Playground Sessions was inspired by the success of the YouTube sensation David Sides, and his unique approach to teaching songs on the piano. Playground Sessions was also created using the Adobe AIR technology for cross–platform compatibility. While the Playground project does not necessarily require a digital keyboard to participate, the learning environment remains fun and unique.

The Playground Sessions software can be downloaded as part of a monthly subscription via their website. As of this writing, the Playground desktop software is being offered as a private beta, with planned launch for Fall 2011. See the Project>>