Happy Holidays from Rain
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The goose is getting fat. It's during this special time of year that we take a moment to reflect on how grateful we are to have such amazing, generous clients...and then we go right back to work, because those clients have given us as much as we can handle during the fourth quarter. No rest for the weary elves of Rain! Thanks to all the great people we work with. Consider this newsletter, packed with holiday goodies, the absolute least we could do. Because we're so busy. Working for you.

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Holiday Fun/


In all likelihood, you've probably looked at the amazing digital work coming out of Rain and asked yourself, "Holy cow, what could those guys do with food?" Well, your holiday wish is our command. From pumpkin cheesecake to garlic salmon with crimini mushrooms, follow the link below to find a veritable cornucopia of delectable vittles for your holiday feast, or for that matter, any day of the year. See the Recipes >>

Rain to the MAX

At Adobe MAX this year, Rain had quite a significan presence. Because of our groundbreaking work with Adobe Edge, the company's new HTML5 timeline-based animation tool, we were prominently featured in the keynote address. A single tear slid silently down CEO Andrew Howlett's face as our logo took center stage on the giant screen in the Nokia Theater. Rain's use of Edge in our recently released iOS game The Adventures of Timmy: Run Kitty Run was the first real-world implementation of Edge in a mobile environment (see below for more info). Rain creative director, Dave Nibley, was invited to present two sessions on Adobe Edge and ran an HTML5 panel for our friends at SoDA with director of technology, Gary Rogers. Gary also presented on latency management during an unconference. And as always, our booth was a major draw on the showroom floor. See the Adobe Edge Session >>


The Adventures of Timmy: Run Kitty Run developed by Rain, in partnership with CB Labs. Inspired by classic side-scrolling games of the past, Run Kitty Run features over 36 levels of gameplay, unique characters, and rich visual design. To help tell the story of our hero, Timmy, Rain took advantage of Adobe Edge and its HTML5 animation capabilities to add beautifully animated cut scenes. The game has received stellar reviews from the gaming community, and was just named as a finalist for Mashables' Mobile Game of the Year! The Adentures of Timmy: Run Kitty Run is now available in the iTunes App Store for iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch.

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We've had a lot of fun with Mozy in 2011. Earlier this year we built the brand new Mozy Datashuttle, including the packaging design and marketing literature. As the product approached release, Mozy came to Rain and asked if we'd help them build an introductory video for the launch. Using Cinema4 we took the brand identity created for the Datashuttle and developed a unique 3D story for Myron, the Mozy astronaut, to share. In just over a minute you quickly understand the product and get a feel for the unique Mozy brand.

We're also in the final stages of development on their new MozyPro demonstration video that customers will use to get acquainted with MozyPro and as a bit of support as they navigate their MozyPro account. See the Videos>>