RAIN Issue 05

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Make It Rain

Spreadin' the Love: It seems like we've been all over the place on work we've been doing in the last couple months. From stolen girlfriends and cat suits to health drinks and mormons, we've run the gamut on clients, and it's been all good. Sure it keeps us mother-flippin' busy, but we can assure you that there's enough of Rain to go around.

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Device Integration Projects/

If you want to build an app that will have flawless code, beautiful design and award–winning prowess Rain is your goose with the golden egg. Last week Rain was honored with our 7th Mobile FWA for the Windows Phone 7 version of Open Mic General. Open Mic General is a mobile karaoke app that allows users to sing along with their favorite Sony Music artists while using a pitch detection engine to measure the user's voices as they croon along with their favorite tunes. See the Project >>


Rain was also awarded a mobile FWA in December for Run Kitty Run, a multilevel game for the iOs platform. Help Timmy, the coolest kid you'll ever meet on his mission to save Kitty, the prettiest girl in school. Kitty has been kidnapped by Mitch, the school bully. Timmy must use his imagination to summon his strength and battle through Mitch's treehouse lair to save her. Help Timmy rescue the girl of his dreams, and discover the secret of his cat costume! See the Project >>

A Little Health Goes a Long Way

In early 2012 Rain launched the new MonaVie corporate website. The site was redesigned in HTML5 to offer simple navigation and easy access to important product information and the MonaVie business opportunity. As part of the launch the new MonaVie Nutritional Chemistry TM and the MonaVie Elements, for personalized nutritional support, were introduced. A unique tool, MonaVie Health Match, designed for MonaVie customers to identify the correct mix of MonaVie Elements for their specific situation was also revealed. And, the New MVP section of the website was introduced. It provided access to the calendar of events, The MonaVie Virtual Office where distributors can purchase tools and branded gear, MonaVie Learning, and the "Start Your Life" process for MonaVie distributors. Over the coming months the new site will be duplicated over each of the MonaVie international markets to provide consistency and value globally. See the Project>>

It's the Mormons!

Thousands agreed that sending a little Christmas cheer and inspiration in 2011 was made a whole lot easier with Mormon Channel's Facebook Card Builder application. No awkward family photo shoots, no last minute, "We didn't print enough photos," but rather a few simple steps to share the Christmas spirit with all your FB friends:

  1. Select one of three cards
  2. Choose one of four videos to embed in the card
  3. Add a message
  4. Select recipients
  5. Send

From Argentina to Qatar, the app's reach and success has spurred the integration of cards and videos for future holidays. Next up —Easter. See the Project>>