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It's Kinda of That Obvious. Please Go Vote For 'Run Kitty Run.'

Get Out the Vote: Rain is all up in the Webby's. If you love Run Kitty Run as much as we do, please go out and vote for it here! A big thanks to all those who show their support!

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Baby Got Cheez-It

We're cheezy and we know it. Rain recently designed and built a custom FB app for the CHEEZ-IT® Crackers Top Cheese of 2012 Election!

Throughout the campaign, fans could earn votes for brushing up on the candidate's bios, watching the debate videos, playing election games, and even flip-flopping their vote between candidates. With more than 62 million votes cast, the lucky winner will be announced on April 30th and will win a 4-year supply of CHEEZ-IT® CRACKERS & their likeness on the box! Check it out! >>

Device Integration Projects/
Best Western, and then some

Traveling just got a little bit easier thanks to Best Western's updated mobile app. Rain recently teamed up with Gotham in New York to add some new functionality by adding a features tab that integrates with TripIt. This allows users to see their trips, details, and any other information they have in their personal TripIt account. There is also a feature that will add a field in the user’s TripIt account if they have not selected lodging for a particular destination. This field will connect to a listing of all the Best Western locations in that particular area. Happy travels!

Xlear and Nose are Friends

Xlear Inc. (pronounced “clear”) produces some of the highest quality and effective xylitol products in the world and Rain is helping them get the word out! Over the past year Rain has been working on a robust media campaign for Xlear including print, radio, online, and guerilla marketing tripling Xlear’s reach while still keeping within the same media spend.

Xlear’s business has seen consistent growth over the past 12 months, and we look forward to helping them grow even more over the next 12 months. On a Xlear day you can smell forever!

Learn more about the project! >>

Rain, Poop Decks, and Luchadores, Oh My

Rico, Suave… como mantequilla derretida sobre chango pelon. On the first weekend in March the entire office took a little jaunt south of the border to Ensenada, Mexico. We enjoyed 3 days of total gluttony, sunshine, ocean breeze, and most importantly, complete relaxation. In short, Rain Cruise 2012 was an overwhelming success! Muchos Gracias Amigos!