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Every hunter dreams of being Invisible. Under Armour Scent Control is one step closer to making those dreams come true. Their I See Green campaign is aimed at transforming every hunter into the ultimate predator. In June, Rain launched their new facebook app, which allows anyone to upload their best kill shot. The app transforms every picture into a stylized black-and-white image. It then gives each hunter piercing green eyes - a powerful image against black and white. The images are uploaded to Facebook and entered to win a contest for Under Armour’s Dream Hunt with an Under Armour “Arsenal Hunter.” Forest creatures beware. See the Project >>

Rain Over My Hammy

Time to break out the Mini Van, Winnebego, Ford Pinto - or whatever you use for your road trips - and start to make your way across the U.S. of A. Denny’s, America’s favorite diner, has just released their 50 State Challenge App! This is an exciting, interactive race across America where the first person to check into a Denny’s Diner in all 50 states will win FREE GRAND SLAMS FOR LIFE!

Rain partnered with Gotham New York to create the app, which also includes limited-time-only menus and a Denny’s locator. If you’re not the first to visit all the Denny’s in the U.S., not to worry. There are still plenty of discount coupons, souvenirs, and badges to unlock along the way. See the Project >>


To work off all those Grand Slams (or just fight off that muffin top) download the newest app to join the iFit family - iFit Outside! Rain designed and developed an app with iFit to track everything from speed and distance to heart rate and elevation. Sync with iFit and replicate your outdoor workouts inside on your iFit-enabled machine when the weather won't cooperate. You can match your distance, pace and elevation and watch your progress with the Google Street View.

For a limited time Download the iFit® app for $1.99! Regularly $4.99 in the iTunes store! See the Project >>


Foosball, “the sport of champions”, is a long-standing tradition here at Rain. Teams spend hours honing their craft to earn the highly coveted title of Rain Foosball Champion at the quasi-annual Rain Foosball Tournament. This past tournament was a particularly impressive display of sportsmanship and skill as Team UX took on Team QT. In an amazing 2-1 victory over Team UX, Jared “Viper” Madsen and Nathan “The Snake” Tubbs of Team QT never let up a relentless assault against the opposing goal. At the end of the tournament the crowd roared, the players congratulated each other, and we were reminded again why Rain foosball is the greatest sport on Earth.