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Happy Holidays <3 Rain
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Project Rainway

Happy Holidays from your friends at Rain! To show our appreciation/love/adoration for our clients, friends, and colleagues we're giving you a free shirt! The Rain design team participated in Project Rainway, each coming up with their own unique t-shirt design. The company voted, and the lucky winner is modeled below by the fabulous Jared, tester extraordinaire. Jared is wearing a long sleeved thermal shirt with an original design by our Project Rainway winner, Delane. Click the link below to claim your shirt. As with all fine pieces of art, limited numbers are available.

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Stomp Around NYC Like King Kong

In October Rain partnered with Mother New York to take on a Microsoft Windows 8 launch project that many other digital agencies turned down because they said it couldn't be done in such a short time frame (3 weeks). Microtropolis was a mini-Manhattan built inside Pier 57 in New York City to launch Windows 8 and the new Surface tablet. While attending the Microtropolis launch event, participants could take their photo at a "Time Square" booth and share their photos live from the event on Twitter and Instagram. Rain created an API, built the website and aggregated all of this shared content real time onto the website. The website also showed live feeds from the event and a calendar of events.

Rain also built an augmented reality piece showcased on touch screens throughout the event. This augmented reality piece showed tweets and instagrams taken right there at the event. If that's not instant gratification, we don't know what is!

Rain pulled off what other agencies claimed was impossible and The Microtropolis went live on October 26th.

Unfortunately after 3 days of events Microtropolis experienced a different type of "Rain" in the form of Hurricane Sandy and the event was flooded and cut short.

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Sandy vs Hackers

Following Hurricane Sandy's devastation in late October, Rain Agency took it upon themselves to organize a day long emergency response hackathon. On November 10th, twenty-five exceptionally talented developers shuffled into the Rain NY office, collaborated for twelve hours and built some truly innovative applications; all of which addressed complex problems in the context of emergency preparedness and emergency response.

Rain co-sponsored the event with TelAPI, a New Jersey-based start-up, whose cloud telephony platform was used extensively throughout the event.

Along with having talented developers and an awesome co-sponsor, Rain managed to secure an impressive group of judges for the event. They included Kip Voytek (Director of Digital Innovation at MDC Partners), Christina Warren (Senior Tech Analyst at Mashable), Bret Morgan (entrepreneur and the man behind the "Restore the Shore" Crowdfunding campaign) and Ellie Lowenfeld (Head of the Jewish Disaster Response Corp).

Each team did an unbelievable job. Each participant from the winning team received a free iPad Mini. We at Rain are extremely proud to have been the catalyst behind the event and look forward to organizing future events just like it! Rain was featured in the New York Times on Sunday November 18th for our participation in the Hackathon.

Trick or treat, trick or treat, give us costumes that look neat

Ever wonder what you'd look like as Wonderwoman, but not quite ready to commit to the price of the costume? Enter Rain. Much to the joy of parents and kids everywhere, this Halloween Rain partnered with The Martin Agency to create an interactive user experience where users could virtually “try-on” costumes available at Walmart. Users were able to take snapshots of themselves with their webcams, or simply upload a photo, and then place their face in the costume image. The web application was well-received, and made costume shopping fun, easy, and interactive. One other plus for parents- no more wrangling 6 year-olds on a sugar buzz in the middle of a crowded store. It's a win-win for everybody!