Voice’s Next Big Interface: Glasses?

In the tech world you don’t always get a second shot at a failed product or service offering, but Google seems to be willing their way back to winning the connected glasses leadership position after Google Glass’ lack of mainstream adoption. This week, Google acquired North which gives them the ability to try again. Previously North had a set of glasses with Alexa built in, but we’re expecting to see Google Assistant take over shortly. In an eyes-up and intimate user environment such as glasses lenses, voice and assistant-navigated content will surely be a focal point of any future designs. Will it be enough to change consumers’ minds on this technology? Now that voice and AR/VR are more established than when Google Glass first launched, many think the time is right. 

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Google’s 20/20 Vision 

Google has acquired Canadian AR-enhanced glasses company North. The company had previously released their ‘Focals 1.0’ product which included holographic display technology in the glasses’ lenses as well as access to Amazon’s Alexa voice assistant. Now joining up with Google, many speculate that the technology company has unfinished business related to their previous efforts in the space with Google Glass. This acquisition and a renewed focus on AR and voice-enabled glasses could help Google take the lead in a space many are looking to crack first. More on Forbes.

Skill Up

Amazon has released their comprehensive Alexa Agency Curriculum. These materials include a wealth of resources on voice strategy, approaches for voice design, development guidelines and launch considerations for anyone working with or developing Alexa skills. RAIN is excited to have three case studies featured in the curriculum with our partners Headspace., Luminary and DreamWorks Animation / Amazon Prime Video. More on Amazon.

Gosu AI’s Gaming Assistant Expands

At the end of last year, we were tracking Gosu.ai’s voice and chat assistant for gamers as it moved into offering real-time guidance to players. Now they’ve partnered with Overwolf, a video game development platform and app company, to broaden their reach with gamers and create a variety of new features for their assistant. According to Dot Esports, these new capabilities will include “product localization, live voice-chat with AI, pre-match analysis, party-finder, a news feed, app personalization, and premium content for platform supporters”. More on Dot Esports.

Stats Don’t Lie

$8MM funding raised by Voicemod to expand its voice filter creation business.  (data via VentureBeat)

10 number of McDonald’s voice-ordering kiosks launched in Madrid (data via Euro Weekly News)

Chart of the Week

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