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Headspace approached RAIN to help integrate voice into their ecosystem


With everything beeping, blinking and booping for our attention, the need for meditation anytime, anywhere has never been more important. Headspace approached RAIN to help integrate voice into their ecosystem. Though their platform is loved by millions, the glowing screen of a smartphone isn't exactly the best way to deliver a moment of zen. Voice became a natural fit.

RAIN reimagined the meditation experience across three voice-driven platforms–Google, Alexa and Cortana. By connecting all voice platforms to each other, and then connecting those experiences to the larger ecosystem, Headspace is providing users a seamless and personalized experience across all touch points.



of users returned for another session via voice

Top 5

rankings in the Alexa store for both Lifestyle and Health & Fitness categories

2 months

timespan to reach the same number of monthly active users via voice as it took to amass on mobile in over 40 months

1.1 MM+

total unique Alexa users since December 2018


Webby Winner 2019

People's Voice Winner 2019


Last year, over a million people told Alexa “I love you.” Robot love aside, the data is showing time and again that voice is breeding intimacy and trust with users.

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