Introducing RAIN’s Enterprise Voice Design Sprint

When you think of “voice technology” today, you are likely picturing an Amazon Echo, Google Home, iPhone with Siri or other digital assistant enabled device. This isn’t surprising given the rapid adoption of voice in the consumer space. In fact, it’s estimated that over one-quarter of U.S. adults now own a smart speaker and that as high as 50% of search may be done through voice by 2020 (ComScore). However, there is much more to the voice industry than consumer applications. Voice technology is no stranger to business and enterprise integration and with the rise of consumer usage and recent advancements in natural language processing, we are entering a time where voice and conversational AI integration can fundamentally transform the enterprise and employee experience.

How Can Voice Help My Business?

Whether you are trying to advance your employee experience or optimize your supply chain management processes, voice and conversational AI can enable your success. Here are just a few applications of voice technology in the enterprise space.

Internal Systems Connectivity. If your organization utilizes a variety of specialized software and communications tools, voice technology can be used to help automate connectivity between these systems and help make them more user-friendly to employees.

Back-of-House Assistance. If you manage a group in the services industry, voice technology can be used to help manage customer service or help direct employee processes more efficiently.

Employee Resources. Voice and conversational AI is a great tool to help train or onboard team members to new processes, practice customer/client interactions or manage benefits.

Logistics Optimization. Conversational technology can be embedded throughout enterprise resource planning software touchpoints to help remove friction and enable easier access across supply chain roles.

Custom Hardware Solutions. Depending on your industry, voice solutions may be most useful if integrated via a bespoke piece of hardware or wearable device using custom-built NLP libraries and experiences.

What can voice help me achieve?

  • Speed. Operate more quickly and reduce the amount of time spent on labor-intensive processes.
  • Efficiency. Reduce error rates and facilitate the automation of repetitive processes
  • Safety. Enable hands-free work environments and reduce on-site distractions.

Ready to get started?

RAIN’s Enterprise Voice Design Sprint (EVDS) takes a solution-agnostic approach to define how voice technology can benefit an organization, targeting a specific employee group and business objective (from increasing efficiency to enhancing data access).

We land on the identification of use cases that solve for needs of the business, the employee, and the organization’s digital ecosystem. From there, we prototype our way toward pilot-ready opportunities.

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