RAIN & ORtelligence Partner to Voice-Enable Hospital Operating Rooms

Healthcare tech start-up pioneering novel surgical process optimization platform working with RAIN to enhance voice interface.

Eric Turkington
VP of Strategic Partnerships

For immediate release

ORtelligence, a healthcare technology start-up deploying AI as part of a novel surgical process optimization platform, has enlisted RAIN to enhance the voice interface of its breakthrough solution. RAIN’s conversational AI capabilities will be deployed to add new voice-first features and functionalities to ORtelligence’s core product, supporting seamless communication between industry representatives and healthcare professionals in the operating room.

ORtelligence was founded in 2018 by Tim Donnelly, Derek Donegan, and James Krieg, and has raised $1.2 million to develop its beta product, which will soon launch in three surgical facilities. ORtelligence’s leadership team has over sixty years of clinical experience with strong research and business backgrounds, and seven years of in-the-field medical device sales experience.  Founded in 2006, RAIN built one of the first branded skills on Amazon Alexa five years ago and has since become a premier voice technology company. RAIN has partnered with dozens of global Fortune 500 companies to build voice initiatives, including Pfizer, Nike, Nestle, Blackrock, and Starbucks.

The collaboration between RAIN and ORtelligence will seek to address numerous gaps in operating room processes today. Through real-time voice-driven surgery assistance, operating room staff can access industry best practices and decision guidance during procedures that will ultimately result in less resource waste and minimized risk. Voice and AI will also aid in inventory management and case preparation that is optimized by surgeon preferences to improve equipment availability and workflow efficiency.

“We’re excited to work with ORtelligence to design solutions for healthcare workers that streamline procedures and improve outcomes,” explained Nithya Thadani, CEO of RAIN. “The ORtelligence team has an ambitious vision to re-imagine the operating room and the hospital supply chain, and we believe voice and AI will play a role in improving and enhancing frontline healthcare.”

As of 2019, an estimated 3.25 billion digital voice assistants are being used in devices around the world. Forecasts suggest that by 2023 the number of digital voice assistants will reach around eight billion units–a number higher than the world’s population (Juniper Research, February 2019). As voice technology ramps up in the healthcare industry, the virtual assistant market is poised to reach $3.5 billion in 2025 (Business Insider Intelligence, 2019). As AI-based applications commercialize and scale throughout the healthcare sector, $52 billion in savings could be seen globally by 2021 (ABI Research, 2018).

“Enabling conversational assistance in healthcare is a critical functionality of our proprietary platform. Natural language processing is an essential part of bringing that vision to life. Natural language processing is an essential part of bringing that vision to life,” said Tim Donnelly, founder and CEO of ORtelligence. “The RAIN team understands the power of a great voice user interface, and the stakes involved in delivering these solutions reliably in healthcare settings. We are thrilled to enlist their help in elevating the role of voice throughout our platform to better meet the needs of healthcare professionals, decrease costs, eliminate waste and improve outcomes.”


RAIN is a leading agency that specializes in voice and conversational AI. RAIN works with a wide range of world-class brands and tech companies to define voice strategies, design conversational experiences, and build voice technology software. RAIN has helped dozens of F500 companies launch their voice initiatives, including Pfizer, Nike, Nestle, Blackrock, Dreamworks and Starbucks. RAIN serves on the advisory councils for both Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant.


ORtelligence is a health tech startup that is creating a proprietary cloud-based Surgical Process Optimization Platform (SPOP) that improves the surgical care episode by interacting at four distinct and interrelated points; scheduling; case prep; intra-operative and post-procedure. We are driven by the belief that the only variable in surgical care should be: the patient.


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