Using voice to fuel product innovation

Amazon and Sesame Street approached RAIN to help launch Alexa for kids, an entirely new way for children to interact with technology using voice.


Tide, every family’s favorite no-nonsense detergent and purveyors of all things stain-removal, approached RAIN to imagine a voice experience that could extend their brand authority to the emerging world of Voice.

From a business perspective, through various Datalogix and IRI studies, Tide has
known for years that providing stain-removal expertise to consumers increased LTV
and drove preference. Not surprisingly, our work built on this truth, providing users
with “recipes” for 200+ everyday stains

What we've learned

Though Tide has been in the stain-removal game for decades, voice uncovered a profound insight:  nearly 20% of the stain requests were for things that Tide doesn’t currently have products for (i.e. sneaker cleaning tips).

Because voice lives frictionlessly in our homes, we think of it as a “focus group of one.” Though they don’t yet have sneaker products, Tide has the mindshare for these occasions. In this way, voice is fueling product innovation, and uncovered unrealized brand equity.  


Voice Assistants are increasingly embedded in products. For Tide, owning assistance in the washing machine is a top priority.

Where might voice fit along your consumer journeys? We advise brands to start by identifying assistive moments to help users know, go, buy or do.

Let's talk.

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