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Amazon and Sesame Street approached RAIN to help launch Alexa for kids, an entirely new way for children to interact with technology using voice.


Nothing says “I love you” (and here’s half my stuff) quite like a Tiffany engagement ring. More than just a jewelry shop, Tiffany is the first truly American luxury house, and have defined what it means to live well for over a century. Tiffany & Co. engaged RAIN to help define their short, near and long-term strategies for voice and conversational AI

Through this work, RAIN uncovered some foundational insights. Though the vast majority of sales happen in their physical stores, over 80% of these consumers started on the site, most of which came through organic search, with 70% using a mobile device. What’s that? You said you wanted more stats? No problem. With over 30% of mobile search being done through voice, optimizing for voice search is a critical business driver.  

What we've learned

In traditional search, engines like Google and Ask Jeeves (yep…) show users pages of results, but voice search tends to only provide one or two possible answers. When users asked things like “Does Tiffany use blood diamonds?” the answer almost always came back as “yes”… which is false! This is what we call a problem. RAIN identified the top 50 business-critical voice queries, created content, a playbook for their internal team, and tech optimizations to reclaim the conversation.


For Tiffany, other sites often answered questions that Tiffany has the right to own. Instead of simply buying keywords, we help brands identify the “long tail” conversations that are optimized for voice.

What conversations are critical to your organization?
Who’s owning them currently?

Let's talk.

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