Introducing RAIN’s Conversational Maturity Model  

Voice and conversational AI are transforming how we live and do business, but many organizations today are unsure how best to capture value from it. That’s why RAIN is working with companies as a strategic partner to help them harness the potential of conversational AI today while planning for future disruption. To aid in these efforts, we have developed a model to help companies understand where they stand with regard to these revolutionary technologies.

We call it the Conversational Maturity Model.

It’s a way for companies to orient themselves around two key dimensions:

  • Externally: What is the caliber and reach of your market-facing conversational presence?
  • Internally: How prepared is the organization to conceive, implement, manage and learn from conversational AI initiatives?

Whether your business has already entered the voice space or you’re determining where to begin, our conversational AI maturity model can provide insight on where you stand and help direct you toward immediate opportunities to leapfrog the competition.

We’ve defined four levels of maturity in this model, based on our experience with dozens of leading companies in voice:

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